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Medications mailed to your home. Are they safe?

It’s a world of technology and accessibility. With online shopping, fast shipping, and one-click purchases available at our fingertips, it’s clear why people may want that same convenience with their healthcare. It may be tempting to receive your prescription delivered to you via online orders and mailed to your home. But are your prescriptions really safe in the extreme temperatures? Could porch pirates steal your meds? And who do you call if you have questions? What many people don’t know is that their local pharmacy offers that same great convenience but with quality care to back it up. Here are some benefits of knowing your pharmacist and what your community pharmacist can do for you:

· Face-to-Face Medication Counseling: Counseling and opportunity for patient to ask questions or share concerns.

· Communicated Refills: Oftentimes orders don’t get sent to the mail order and the patients is without medications or may have a large supply on hand which could result in the patient taking wrong medications.

· Personalized Pharmacy Care: You should have personalized follow-up to make sure the medications are working properly to help you achieve your healthcare goals.

· Expect MORE: You should be offered education on disease states, resources, or educational materials to assist you with your health conditions.

· Free local delivery: Delivery to your own home without leaving your medications unattended.

Come experience MORE at your local Medicap Pharmacy today and ask for our convenient, personal delivery service!


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