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medela breast pumps

Your Resource Before, During, and After Pregnancy

From pregnancy to labor to taking care of the little one at home, parents need a lot of assistance. We at Medicap Pharmacy believe in continuing that support beyond the doctor's office. Our pharmacies provide a variety of breastfeeding products, information, and access to resources to assist and support mothers in reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Many insurances cover breast pumps!

We are proud to carry high-quality breast pumps, which may be covered completely by your insurance, depending on coverage and interest in upgrades. All you have to do to get the process started is submit our questionnaire! 

Complete the qualification form below. Our team will contact your insurance to verify coverage and reimbursement.

We will request a breast pump prescription from your provider and submit the required paperwork to your insurance.

We will get in touch with you when the process is complete and your breast pump is ready to be picked up!


medela breast pumps
spectra breast pump
piggy bank and baby bottle

Pamper Mom & Baby without Breaking the Bank!

We go beyond breast pumps at Medicap Baby! Located inside our Altoona Medicap Pharmacy is your one-stop shop for unique and useful products for mom & baby. From prenatal vitamins, pregnancy support belts, and Preggie Pops for during pregnancy to skincare for mom & baby, lactation support supplements, and adorable burp cloths for once the bundle of joy has arrived, we have what you need and more!

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